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Ranchr was our first foray into an app to keep track of our beef herd and we struck gold with the app! It immediately proved and then has consistently proven to be of immense value to us in our herd management. App and website access to records enables us to have live data input and information, as we deal with cattle, as well is the ability to download reports on all we do and have planned. It covers everything we need for our cattle from start to finish and as an added bonus, it makes our vet happy too! Philip at Ranchr is easy to contact and he listens to our ideas as to how the app could develop. We are delighted to be Ranchr users!

Greg Michell (Michell Beef) & Andy Duke (Big Duke Beef)

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Fast and Easy

No more pen and paper

This is both cumbersome and slow. Notebooks can be extremely difficult to work with as most ranchers know. It's also not the safest thing to keep your records in. Ranchr is safe because all your records are instantly stored in the cloud. Ranchr is fast. You can enter a new cattle record in less than 5 seconds with the Ranchr mobile app.

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Affordable and Adaptive

No large investment, an app for all devices

Most cattle management software either requires a huge sum of money to get started or are limited on the capabilities of their app. Ranchr has no upfront cost. In fact we offer our mobile app for free. And if you decide to pay for the extra features its a low monthly cost to you and your ranch.

Overall Value

Big savings

The Canadian Beef Research says that producers can save up to $13,200 per 100 exposed cows just by keeping records of your ranch. Ranchr was made to make cattle record keeping easier for this very purpose. To save YOU, the rancher, money.

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