We're committed to making ranching simpler

We are focused on helping cattle producers better manage their livestock, for a better life.

Our Mission

We started Ranchr because we wanted to provide a better solution for small ranches across America who want peace of mind knowing that their cattle numbers are being recorded accurately and consistently. There has been a lack of focus on accurate cattle registration in the past so we're making a change that will make a positive impact on both the financials and overall well being of our fellow Americans.

At Ranchr, we are extremely passionate about helping small to medium sized ranches with their cattle record keeping. We see ourselves as partners with other ranchers and committed to making sure the work we do helps them grow.

We're a business-focused & consumer-friendly approach to better manage your ranch - whether you have one or 1000 head.

Meet Our Team

Author Philip

Philip Speake

Founder of Ranchr

Philip Speake, CEO and Founder of Ranchr, has been involved in ranching for most of his life. He grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma and later ran his own ranch...

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David Lin

David Lin

Research Expert

David Lin is a dedicated and passionate researcher committed to improving sustainable farming practices. He has developed a strong foundation in agriculture research...

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