How Has Social Media Affected Farming?

Published: March 14, 2022

rancher with tablet in field

Social media and farming… They have nothing to do with each other, right? 

Wrong! Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are powerful tools that can help connect and educate people and that can be especially useful for farmers. The usage of social media, if done correctly, can help deliver informative content and allow non-farmers to participate and see what really goes on ‘on the farm’.

Networking in social media

Networking is one important way that farmers can use social media. Farms that bring themselves to their customers virtually and create a community are more likely to be successful than those who don’t. Brand recognition when it comes to marketing is also a huge selling point for farmers. Even people who might not have thought about farming before can find something of interest just by swiping on a clever caption or informative TikTok. This all means more people talking about farming, which is rarely a bad thing!

Industry knowledge is also a popular topic when discussing social media and farming. Influencers on social media can help create a collective voice when change is required in farming and can bring smaller operations to the attention of people in influence and power more quickly. And never before have farmers been able to discuss their operations and struggles with the wider audience on such a huge scale. This means it’s far easier to spread information and correct misinformation. Farmers can also share their own knowledge of practices with others, and may even interest non-farmers into picking up some skills they could put to use. 

Farmers can also use social media to connect and engage with consumers who are looking for valuable insight into their purchasing decisions. In turn, farm owners can also see the needs and viewpoints of their consumers, which may change their own operational choices and help them be more competitive in the agricultural market. Someone who is looking for healthy foods may be more interested in buying farm-fresh produce if they can see exactly where they are purchasing from. Building that trust by being transparent and authentic is key for a farmer’s success on social media.

No longer do farmers have to be relegated to the back pages of forgotten magazines. With social media platforms their message can finally be heard in much wider circles than ever before. Even if a farmer doesn’t go viral they can still get a decent following just by posting cute pictures or sharing valuable information. You may even be able to reach those audiences that have never even thought about agriculture and farming before!


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