Teacup Mini Cow: Ultimate Guide (Size, Care, Cost & More!)

Published: February 22, 2023

A herd of four miniature cows in a gated farm area with two more cows in the back
Credit: reddit.com

If you have ever considered teacup mini cows for your farm, then you’re in luck.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about these adorable animals. We'll cover topics like how much they cost, how to milk them, and more!

So whether you're a first-time cow owner or just curious about these animals, read on for all the details!

What is a teacup mini cow?

A teacup mini cow standing in the middle of a sunny field outside with a forest in the background
Credit: unsplash.com @augustijnfotografie

A teacup cow is a type of miniature cattle significantly smaller than a standard cow. These miniature cows, also known as mini cows, range in size from under 36 to 48 inches tall and typically weigh from under 500 to roughly 800 pounds.

Rather than being used as livestock, miniature cows are becoming increasingly popular as pets due to their gentle nature and manageable size. They also require much less land and care than traditional full-sized cows.

Whether kept as a pet or on a farm, teacup miniature cows will bring joy and entertainment to any home!

How big are teacup mini cows?

Teacup mini cows range from under 36 inches to 48 inches, which can be about the same size as a large dog! While they may look like any cow out in a pasture, these miniature breeds truly capture the essence of domesticated cattle with their fun-sized frame.

Despite their small stature and gentle demeanor, they’re hardy dairy-producing animals that make excellent pets or members of any farming operation.


Young girl with brown hair sitting in some grass outside petting a fuzzy brown and white teacup mini cow
Credit: pexels.com @lepraxis-6025572

Teacup mini cows are great pets for their small size and intelligent nature. They can live up to around 20 years, making them a great long-term friend.

Plus, they can be used as dairy animals for milk and to make cheese or butter. Miniature cows can produce up to one and a half gallons of milk per day, making this micro mini cow perfect for hobby farmers. They can also be great meat sources, feeding a family of four for up to six months.

These compact creatures may even surprise you with just how much milk or meat they can produce given their size!


A light brown furry teacup mini cow standing outside next to another cow
Credit: unsplash.com @sxtcxtc

Here are some physical characteristics of mini cows:

  • Color: Their color can range from brown, white, or black shades.

  • Size: Its shorter legs make it much smaller than traditional cows, usually not reaching heights taller than about 48 inches.

  • Weight: They can weigh up to about 800 pounds.

  • Coat: They have a fluffy fur coat.


A white teacup mini cow with black ears sticking out its tongue outside next to a wire fence
Credit: pixabay.com @neifo-2545310

Mini cows, or teacup cows as they are sometimes called, tend to be very friendly, social animals who enjoy being around and interacting with humans. This makes them a favorite among pet owners all over the world!

Mini cows can be stubborn at times, but overall they have lovable and gentle temperaments, often displaying affection towards their owners. Even when left alone, mini cows can stay quite content just grazing in their pastures while remaining calm and easy to manage.

With their docile disposition and outgoing nature, this cow is sure to add an extra helping of charm to any home or farm.


Man feeding a brown cow with his hand outside during the winter
Credit: pexels.com @chris-f-38966

When it comes to caring for your mini cows, there are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Diet: A teacup cow should be fed a diet of quality hay, grain, salt blocks or mineral supplements, and fresh grass from a pasture. They eat about 2% to 4% of their body weight daily and require access to fresh water.

  • Grooming: You can brush your teacup cow once or twice a week. Brushing helps maintain their health and keep them looking their best!

  • Housing: A teacup cow should have access to a dry and draft-free living space to prevent them from getting sick. Bare minimum, you should provide your mini cows with a 3-sided house to protect them from the elements.

  • Bedding: You can use traditionally used materials for cow bedding like sawdust, wood shavings, straw, hay, etc.

  • Climate: A teacup cow can handle cold temperatures, but extreme weather should be avoided, especially considering its small stature.

  • Land: A teacup miniature cow needs plenty of space for grazing but much less land than traditional-sized cows. Miniature cattle require 0.5-1 acre of pasture land each.

  • Fencing: A teacup cow requires secure fencing around their pastures to keep them safe and contained. The best fencing for mini cows is high-tensile, woven-wire steel mesh with a “fixed knot.”

  • Vet visits: A teacup miniature cow should visit the vet regularly for checkups to ensure they are happy, healthy, and well cared for.

Raising mini cows

A brown teacup mini cow standing on some green grass on a sunny day
Credit: pixabay.com 

Raising mini cows is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among farmers and those living on acreage.

The first step to raising a healthy and happy mini cow is purchasing one from a trusted breeder who provides adequate background information and records (such as bloodline and genetics) of the micro mini cow.

Next, the environment for your mini cow needs to be just right – plenty of pasture grass, fresh water, and mineral supplements/salt blocks are all essential in addition to hay full of balanced nutrition.

Lastly, you must socialize your micro mini cow in a herd as early as possible; this will make them easier to handle and help build their confidence.

Like any other domesticated animal, attention, and love go a long way when raising a happy teacup mini cow!

Can you keep mini cows in your house?

We know that mini cows make great pets, but does this mean you can keep your mini cows in your house the same as you would dogs or cats?

Unfortunately, this is not recommended! Unlike dogs or cats, a miniature cow needs plenty of space to roam and graze and a place outdoors to get fresh air.

Additionally, as cows produce waste and can easily create too much noise in a house, keeping them indoors rarely works out.

Nevertheless, mini cows are still cute animals that make for great companions!

Potty training a teacup mini cow

Potty training a teacup mini cow can be a challenging but rewarding experience for pet owners. You must remain patient and consistent with these sensitive creatures, gradually teaching them where it is appropriate to go potty.

Potty training can take some time, and the best results come from using positive reinforcement techniques such as praise and treats when your micro mini cow does something correctly.

Once fully trained, your cow can roam freely around your house or garden without the risk of leaving messes, giving you some peace of mind.

So if you're brave enough to attempt potty training a teacup mini cow, you could be rewarded with an obedient pet!

Milking teacup mini cows

Man milking a brown cow outside
Credit: pixabay.com

The process of milking Teacup mini cows is very similar to that of regular cows. Teacup cows can be milked twice daily, 10 to 12 hours apart. Teacup mini cow milk yields can vary, but they can produce one and a half gallons of milk per day.

The milk from Teacup mini cows tastes as good and has the same quality as Jersey cows. The only real difference is that you get less from mini cows!

Are teacup mini cows hard or easy to care for?

Teacup mini cows are as easy to care for as they are to look at! They require the same work and attention as full-sized cows but on a smaller scale. Plus, their easy-going personalities make them relatively easy to manage if you know how.

They require significantly less maintenance than their full-sized counterparts, from food, housing, training, and supplies, saving you time and money.

From this perspective, teacup mini cows are easier to care for than larger breeds!

Pros and cons of owning a mini cow

Here are the pros and cons of owning, raising, and caring for mini cows.


  • Requires small acreage

  • Low feed requirements

  • Less manure

  • Easy handling with warm personalities (great for children)

  • Excellent sources of meat and dairy

  • There is evidence that they can be potty trained

  • A cute long-term companion!


  • Although a miniature cow costs less to maintain than full-sized cows, a budget should still be in place as this is a serious commitment

  • They can be stubborn or carry undesirable personality traits

  • They may be more vulnerable to predators due to their small size

  • They may be more challenging to locate and purchase as demand increases

Are teacup mini cows right for you?

A fuzzy brown teacup mini cow with yellow tags on its ears standing on grass outside
Credit: pixabay.com @ulleo-1834854

Here is how you can know if mini cows are a suitable investment.

You should get a mini cow if...

  • You are looking for an adorable long-term companion that is great with kids

  • You are a hobby farmer with a smaller pasture which can still be suitable for mini cows

  • You run a farm and are looking to add variety

  • You want a low-maintenance animal that is easy to care for

  • You want to produce milk and possibly make that into other dairy products such as butter and cheese to either make a small profit, feed your family, or give away to friends

You should not get a mini cow if...

  • You don't have the money to invest in mini cows

  • You are not good at caring for animals

  • You don't have the space or suitable pasture to care for mini cows

  • You are not interested in producing dairy products

  • You want to make a living off of only mini cows

Where to buy teacup mini cows

A man wearing a hat standing on a farm next to wooden fencing, looking at a cow with clouds and mountains in the background
Credit: pexcels.com @diego-f-parra-33199

For those looking for a unique, miniature furry cow friend to bring home to the farm (or even just a backyard), teacup mini cows are quickly becoming an increasingly trendy option. Here are some reliable sources where one can purchase these gentle creatures!

One place you can take a look at is an online breeder directory. Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory is a great resource that lists farms across Canada and the United States where you have the potential to find teacup mini cows in your area.

Depending on your region, there might also be local breeders or farmers offering teacup mini cows. A Google search should do the trick, and don’t forget to check out your local classifieds and ask around!

No matter what you choose, rest assured that buying this cow will bring joy into your life in ways unimaginable!


Having a pet of any kind can be an expensive endeavor. Teacup mini cows are no exception to this rule!

Prices for these adorably small cows can range from around $1,500 to over $3,000 depending on various factors such as the breed and age of the animal.

On top of their original cost, teacup mini cows will also require regular veterinarian visits and enough food to maintain their health and overall happiness. But despite their initial price tag, all that money will be worth it when you look into those adorable mini cow eyes every day!


Teacup mini cows are an excellent option for people looking for a unique experience and an efficient producer of food and dairy products. Teacup mini cows are cute, gentle creatures who require less space and care than regular-sized cows, making them a great addition to any home or farm.

They are also an excellent source of milk and meat due to their greater efficiency compared to the standard cow. With their outgoing, intelligent nature and lovable personalities, these small cows will surely bring joy and entertainment to any family!

Overall, Teacup mini cows are an excellent option for anyone who wants to raise a loving animal on their farm.

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